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Investigation of Mathematics Teachers’ Views on Teaching Integers and Problem Posing Skills


MEB, Ölçme Değerlendirme Merkezi, Ankara, Türkiye


MEB, Etimesgut Sakarya Ortaokulu, Ankara, Türkiye


Ankara Üniversitesi, Eğitim Bilimleri Fakültesi, Ankara, Türkiye

Educational Academic Research 2023; 50: 60-73
DOI: 10.5152/AUJKKEF.2023.22036
Read: 670 Downloads: 204 Published: 10 May 2023

The aim of this study was to investigate elementary mathematics teachers’ views on teaching integers and problem-solving skills. Another aim of the study was to make inferences about their pedagocial content knowledge of integers through teaching experiences and problem-solving skills. The study was carried out with 18 secondary school mathematics teachers working in different schools in Ankara. The interview questions developed by the researches. Also researchers interviewed with teachers. The data were presented under the categories of “integer and teaching relationship,” “teaching process and teacher experience,” “problem posing,” and “integer teaching at an early age.” The results show that teachers used real-life problems and number line while teaching integers. Also, teachers have troubles in teaching subtraction with integers and using counting stamps. Although teachers used real-life problems, they only could pose addition problems and they had difficulty in posing problems with other operations, especially subtraction. Another result of the study is that teachers who can easily pose problems with integers stated that children can learn integers in primary school. These teachers also referred to their observations of children’s intuitive learning. For this reason, studies that experience integer teaching at primary school can be conducted. It has been suggested that teachers need in-service trainings to strengthen their pedagogical content knowledge that includes problem posing, associating teaching with daily life and modeling skills. 

Cite this article as: Yıldız, E., Cengiz, C., & Aylar Çankaya, E. (2023). Ortaokul matematik öğretmenlerinin tam sayı öğretimine yönelik görüşleri ile problem kurma becerilerinin incelenmesi. Educational Academic Research, 50, 60-73.

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