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The Place and Importance of “Learning to Learn” Competency in Teaching Programs in Türkiye


Millî Eğitim Bakanlığı, Talim ve Terbiye Kurulu Başkanlığı, Ankara, Türkiye

Educational Academic Research 2023; 50: 104-116
DOI: 10.5152/AUJKKEF.2023.22053
Read: 540 Downloads: 179 Published: 08 September 2023

In today’s world where changes and innovations have become an indispensable feature of life and events like the pandemic have strongly affected the whole world, school subjects should have the quality to enable students to catch up with the age. In this context, the aim of the research is to reveal the relationship between the objectives in the curricula of compulsory school subjects taught in primary education level (primary and middle schools) and “learning to learn” competence, which is one of the eight key competences in the Turkish Qualifications Framework. A descriptive survey model was used in the research. This study was carried out using the document review method, and a review was conducted on the curricula of the school subjects analyzed within the scope of the research. For this purpose, the curricula of physical education and games, physical education and sports, information technologies and software, science, visual arts, life science, human rights, citizenship and democracy, mathematics, music, social studies, history of Turkish revolution and Kemalism, technology and design, traffic safety and Turkish courses published on the website of the Ministry of National Education Board of Education were studied. The extent of each objective in the curricula was analyzed in line with the unique/critical thinking, communication, problem solving, decision making, curiosity/interest, observing, searching/questioning, self-management, self-control, planning, awareness, creativity/innovation analysis units that were created as part of the research and correlated with “learning to learn” competence. Findings revealed that “learning to learn” competence is included in the curriculum of each school subject and “awareness, unique/critical thinking and decision making” skills are predominant in the foreground in this competence area. The findings obtained from this study were interpreted and comprehensive suggestions were made to guide the education practitioners.

Cite this article as: Bakar, E. (2023). Türkiye’de öğretim programlarında “öğrenmeyi öğrenme” yetkinliğinin yeri ve önemi. Educational Academic Research, 50, 104-116.

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